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The mythical winged stallion has been the source of great inspiration for over 4,000 years. And at Taste today, it is no different..

We passionately back and produce projects that advocate for human rights and fight for inclusion in the creative industry. From short films, feature films and TV to interactive storybooks for children, we believe storytelling is the most powerful way to effect change.


The Adventures of Bunton

Bunton isn’t a pig and he isn’t a cat. He’s a Pigcat and the only one of his kind. With his mother being a pig and his father being a cat, Bunton has the best of both worlds.

He’s athletic, intelligent and his sensitive snout can always sniff out the truth. However while Bunton has the best of both worlds, he’s also caught between them.

Currently in development.


Tell Me A Tale

Over the course of ten episodes, ten different people with an intellectual disability create and tell various stories using their own voice, supporting voice overs and animations created through using their own artworks and drawings.

Currently in development.


Shakespeare in Japan

An Australian Shakespeare fan with Down Syndrome, sets off on a solo adventure to discover Japan in order to get away from his over-bearing older brother. Along the way he uses his knowledge of the Bard, his sketchbook and his wits to win the hearts of the people he meets.

Based on the short film, the feature film is an exciting adventure through the stunning landscapes of Japan.

Currently in development.