Our fundamental why
Taste Creative was started by two passionate storytellers who wanted to make the world a better place through story – as simple as that.

B eginning from scratch with nothing but a vision and ambition, Henry and Genevieve began working at two desks side-by-side in an office the size of a shoebox in Sydney’s Inner West. We began working with clients to create film, animation, digital and print projects.

But there was a problem

We were surrounded by people that because of their origin, mental health or learning ability faced barriers into the creative industry that are almost impossible to break through.

So we had to do something.

Using the tools we had, we began holding filmmaking workshops for marginalised communities.

This quickly evolved into what is today, Bus Stop Films; a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to building the confidence, English skills and life ready skills of refugees, people with persistent mental health challenges and people with physical and intellectual disabilities, through a high-end film school experience.

We began opening up pathways through our projects at Taste for students to go on further and gain industry experience and employment. We call this inclusive creative.

Today, we continue our mission to fight for inclusion in the creative industry and advocate for human rights through storytelling by partnering with organisations of all sizes to create great content.

We all have an opportunity to make a difference through being inclusive.

The Taste Manifesto

We believe everyone’s voice should be heard.

Manifesto Banner Nourishing Content
There is already enough negative messaging, misleading advertising and cringe-worthy TV commercials.

We only create content that brings nourishment to the world.

Manifesto Banner Problem Solvers
We nurture a culture to put others first by helping each other and our clients to solve problems.

We are experts at ours crafts and we use these to solve creative problems.

Manifesto Banner Nothing But Best
We strive for 150% excellence in all we do. From client services and production, to our processes and studio, we accept nothing but the best
Manifesto Banner Always Learners
We never stop learning. We all have teachable attitudes and we passionately learn from those around us, absorb from the world and openly share our learnings.

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation. B Corps are a growing movement of companies that are using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world and generate a shared and durable prosperity for all.

Taste Folk

There is no ‘i’ in team

Taste Folk is the highly talented network of creatives who work to bring the exceptional projects at Taste to life on the big screen, the mobile screen and everything in between.

Meet the Taste Folk