Bus Stop Films

Bus Stop Films Website

Creating an online home for the global leading film school for people with a disability

The Task

Bus Stop Films is a pioneering, voluntarily run organisation dedicated to building the confidence, English skills and life ready skills of people with an intellectual disability and others from marginalised communities, through giving them access to a ‘film school experience’.

As the not-for-profit training organisation has gained more and more success around the world, a clean and accessible site was of the upmost importance for them.

The Outcome

We were delighted to be able to create the online home for our great friends over at Bus Stop Films.

Traditionally sites that had to be accessible for people with a vision impairment often lacked great creativity due to the technical restraints. So we wanted to create a site that was creatively engaging and encouraged viewers to come back and see what was new.

The site beautifully showcases members of the class as well as the full portfolio of work created by Bus Stop Films.

Alex Bathur
Art Director
Anna Kovesi
Technical Lead
Tim Faase
Digital Project Manager
Liam Aggett