Chapter One

A one-take viral hit that helped to raise $2.5M

The Task

Communicate a daring initiative to raise $1.2million in 30 days through the sales of a pay-what-you-want book.

The Strategy

Create a video so impacting that people wont be able to resist sharing it and spreading the word.

The Brilliant Idea

The result of our collaboration was the hero piece of content for the Chapter One campaign – a 7.5 min continuous one-take video starring Thankyou MD, Daniel Flynn, co-founders, staff and supporters.

The video was shot as a continuous steadicam shot in a warehouse in Melbourne. Dan insisted on authenticity so spent two months in rehearsal and memorising the script.

The video communicates Thankyou’s vision and shares their story in a way that would inspired people to buy into the next stage of the business evolution with their hearts and wallets.

The video was shared over 13,500 times.

The Outcome

The book launch event saw Thankyou hit 120% of their $1.2 million target within 30 days. By day 7 of the campaign they had reached $500,000 and then in the final days a dollar-to-dollar donation match was offered for the last stage of the campaign.

Finalist 2016 Mumbrella Awards Best Pro Bono Campaign

The book has sold over 100,000 copies and raised over $2.5million.

Sarah Prescott
Production Designers
Wesley Rodricks
Lucy Goldby
Production Coordinators
Emilie van Os-Schmitt
Jess Burns
Production Assistant
Beth Duell
Account Director
Gemma Nicholas
Andrew 'AJ' Johnson
Sound Recordist
Mark Edwards
Sound Design & Composition
Jonny Higgins