The Salvation Army

The Christmas Appeal

Celebrating the joy of Christmas for all

The Task

The Salvation Army wanted to encourage and inspire people about celebrating Christmas. Christmas can be a time of joy and celebration, but also a challenging time for many people around the world. So the project had to be approached with a delicate sensitivity.

The Strategy

As everyone has seen the Christmas story told in countless ways, we wanted to create a piece that was not just memorable, but connected with people on an emotional and practical level.

The Outcome

We created a short animation that incorporated stop motion paper art, live action silhouettes and hand-drawn rotoscope animation.

The video was met with a very positive reception, and was shared amongst Salvation Army’s community nationally throughout the Christmas season.

Eleanor Winkler
CG Animation
Stop-motion Animation
Paper Craft
Julian Yeo
Nicola Tegart
Jonny Higgins