Delicious Magazine

Cooking Masterclass with Sara

Masterchef’s Sara cooks up a delicious social treat

The Task

Delicious Magazine came to Taste to create a fun series of ‘how to’ videos with their brand partner, Lilydale for their booming social.

The cheeky series features Sara Oteri (Masterchef 2015) to keep audiences abreast of the most tasty ways to cook with chicken. The first video hit 26,000 views and 135 shares in the first 12 hours. Have a clucking good watch!

*Sorry – we should have issued a chicken pun warning up front. To be honest, we were just winging it.

The Strategy

The way to the heart is through the stomach, and the way to the stomach is through the eyes. 

So the way to capture the eyes’ attention is through visual story.

The Outcome

The result was a fun and cheeky video series hosted on the Delicious online platform. Sara brought an authentic approach that sprung forth from her joy in cooking

Art Director
Bek Gould
Production Co-ordinator
Emilie Van Os-Schmitt
Editor & Colourist
Jonny Higgins