The Foundation for Young Australians

The Manifesto

A clearer future

With every revolution of the planet births new challenges; hopeful oneshard ones and sometimes plain old eerie ones.

The Task

The Foundation for Young Australians do so much to empower young people, that when it comes to telling others about what they do, it’s not so simple.

So they needed a video to do it for them.

Creativitydesign and invention are the backbone of ecosystems where we thrive.

The Strategy

Collaborating with Bankstown Poetry Slam, we wanted to capture the innovative spirit of FYA through a textural imagery, soundscape and spoken word.

With open minds we draw together the country’s most engaged and inspiring young people in one picture because it’s up to us to shake the world up and create a brighter future.

Production Assistant
Emilie van Os-Schmitt
Account Manager
Director of Photography
Dale Bremner
Editor & Colourist
Sound Design & Composition
Jonny Higgins