inclusively made

Independent Living Portal

An interactive training hub to empower people with a disability to live full, independent lives

The Task

Each year UnitingCare helps support thousands of people with a disability to develop their independent living skills, set and achieve goals and increase their capacity. With so many clients and support workers all over Australia teaching similar living skills, UnitingCare wanted to create a resource that could be accessed digitally by support workers anywhere and at anytime, to assist them and their clients to learn independent living skills as well as track their individual progress.

The Strategy

Develop an online portal along to house all learning content in one central space. The portal would be accessed via login for UnitingCare staff and clients alike, delivering world-class accessible training that would be easy to digest, highly engaging and provide personalised learning environments. The learning content would accommodate for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning, facilitate open content and enable mobile learning. Not only this but this portal would track progress and keep clients accountable to their goals.

The Brilliant Idea

The UnitingCare Independent Living Portal; an online hub that can be accessed via login for UnitingCare staff and clients alike. The portal hosts 14 chapters, covering 90 modules on various topics such as cooking, cleaning, travel, shopping, safety, personal hygiene, etiquette and more. We created video training guides, printable PDF guides, interactive games and a function to track and monitor the progress of learning these skills.  

90 interactive moduels across the hub.

The Outcome

A beautifully designed online interactive learning hub which can be accessed across various mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. It is a digital resource that hosts a huge amount of training content on the subject of independent living. It’s videos, pdf guides, step by step instructions and game based learning, allows support workers to tailor a learning program for people who have different learning styles.

The use of iconography and colours are used to categorise content with simple and intuitive functionality. Within each module a sequence of units are laid out clearly from left to right with simple steps laid out down the side of the screen. Progress information is stored so both the support worker and client can build from where they left off.

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Creative Director
Writer & Director
Eleanor Winkler
Account Director
Luke Ma
Art Director
Lindy Ma
Alex Bathur
Anna Kovesi
Julian Yeo
Tim Oxford
Sound Recordist
Mathew Buchan
Editor & Animator
Technical Director
Tim Faase
Lead Developer
Liam Aggett