A National Manifesto

Genuinely connecting with an entire workforce by creating the world’s longest table!

The Task

One of Australia’s leading accounting firms, Ernst & Young, strives to build a better working world. Each year EY conducts a series of ‘Town Hall’ events where the executive team address staff from the nine regions across Australia and New Zealand to reflect on the year passed and look forward to the future. The events are celebratory and uplifting, facilitating a connection between leadership and staff throughout all offices.

The next Town Hall series were to be extra special as the global EY CEO would be visiting for the first time in over ten years. The spotlight was therefore set on an internal cultural shift to signal a recalibration of focus on people as the DNA and legacy builders rather than just the services provided.


The underlying ethos being: ‘ask better questions, get better answers, achieve better outcomes.’

The challenge was to engage all audiences across Australia and New Zealand with a hero communication piece to succinctly share a year of achievements and set the vision for the future. In addition, to springboard off the back of the campaign were to be a series of five TV commercial-like videos launched one a month for the five month lead up to the relocation of the new Sydney headquarters.

The Brilliant Idea

The solution was a series of videos to bring the everyday items on our desks to life. In a continuous overhead viewpoint of a work desk, we see a year of EY history, stories and memories come to life before our eyes.

Created with stop-motion and 3D animation, the series quickly became the central communication piece of the Town Hall events. 20+ scenes were built on green screen stages and shot with a motion control camera to achieve a consistent overhead track, that was then all stitched together in post-production and superimposed onto a long wooden table. If we had of shot all scenes together on one table, the table would have been over 200m long!

The campaign was broadcast at the national events, internally and across EY social media.

Ray Valez
Stop-motion Animator
Michael Cusack
Stop-motion Producer
Richard Chataway
Stop-motion Production Manager
Joanne Bouzianis-Sellick
CG Animator
Jono Shaw