Trumen Corporation

Aussie Strata Storage

Carving out a unique personality to present to the world of self-storage

The Task

Aussie Strata Storage was emerging into the growing Australian warehouse and self-storage market and needed to position themselves to stand out from the crowd, minus any marketing gimmicks!

A digital presence and personality was required.

The Strategy

Tap into the reasons why people put things into storage instead of parting ways with their beloved possessions. So we focussed on making light of the heavy task of managing your possessions.

The Brilliant Idea

Through the setting of a disastrous first date at home where things become a bit out of control, the brand film humorously explores the consequences of not having good storage solutions and just how widespread the effect can be.

This approach to communication signals a new era for Aussie Strata Storage, who are continually evolving their approach to marketing their brand.

A digital story introduces you to a sharp and simple new website for the brand, making it possible for potential buyers and existing customers to easily and quickly find what they need.

Creative Director
Writer & Director
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Phroi Kovalevsky
Sound Recordist
Jeremy Ireland
Hair & Makeup
Michelle Cox
Editor, Colourist & Sound Design
Production Assistant
Emilie Van Os-Schmitt
Jonny Higgins
Digital Designer & Developer
Jared Crowe