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Down Syndrome Australia

Let's All Be Friends

We're all different and that's super great... so let's all be friends!

The Task

Down Syndrome Australia’s (DSA) purpose is to influence social and policy change, provide a national profile and voice for people living with Down syndrome. DSA wanted us to help develop engaging, informative video content to feature in DSA’s new Capacity Building Toolkit with a focus on highlighting positive everyday life situations for the person and their families.

The Strategy

Using the power of storytelling in an informal documentary style setting we set out to develop a series of videos focussing on reducing the barriers and stigmas for people living with Down syndrome and their families.

The Brilliant Idea

Through creating a conversational setting, we dived in to explore some of the existing barriers for people living with Down syndrome and their families.

Using cinematic documentary filmmaking techniques we sat down with real people and through a questionnaire we asked them to share their stories. The result was simple in its execution and profound in impact. By overturning stereotypes and generating questions that are often misunderstood we listened and we learnt.

The Amazing Artist

We were thrilled to work with the amazing artist, Nathan Gooley on this project.

Nathan is an artist living with disability and produced the amazing series of character designs that the team produced the animated cast from!

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Animator and Designer
Character Designs
Nathan Gooley