Game Changers

Animating the future game changers

The Task

Joining forces, Guardian Australia and Hyundai needed to convey the message to consumers that the new Hyundai Genesis is more than just another new car.

The Strategy

Tapping into the Guardian’s intelligent and curious readers, present a series of ‘future focused’ thought leading content to challenge readers to think differently about technology.

The Brilliant Idea

Curated by well known futurists, create a series of animated videos highlighting consumer technology for the next three decades. We explored topics such as the concept of transhumanism, the potential for the full integration of technology and the human experience, and the advance of intimate human tech.

8,000 interactive views on the content hub.

The Outcome

The video series was showcased alongside an intuitive interactive created by the Guardian to walk readers through pivotal innovation milestones. These included leading innovators of our time: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, and the development of key technology such as the digital camera.

20,000 video views across the series.

4m total reach across the campaign.

Art Director
Alex Bathur
Anna Kovesi
Jared Toth
Sound Design & Composer
Jonny Higgins