Rio Tinto

Invent the Future

When Rio Tinto wants to ask the simple question - will you invent the future with us?

The Task

Rio Tinto is a pioneer in the mining industry; producing materials that are essential to human progress, and innovating to help meet the needs of society in a growing and changing world. With some of the world’s largest and best quality mines and operations, Rio Tinto employs people in around 35 countries across six continents.

We were tasked to create an emotive video to encourage future graduates to aspire to a career with  Rio Tinto. The video will be used on Rio Tinto’s careers webpage, and also shown at various events.

The Strategy

Our solution was to develop a video that will stir conversation and motivate action with a future-proof approach to creating appealing and consistent communications across Rio’s many markets.

“Engaging the Head and the Heart”

The Brilliant Idea

The film was created in close collaboration with Rio Tinto and its employees to inspire the next generation achievers for Rio Tinto. We used empowering voiceover, combined with motivational visuals of Rio Tinto technology and people inventing to engage the audience.

60% of the Rio Tinto workforce now feel more confident to employ and/or engage with a person from a diverse background.

Writer & Director
Editor & Animator