The Salvation Army

Hope Rising

Helping a globally recognised brand set sail into a new chapter

The Task

With so much change in the media and society across the world, The Salvation Army was tasked to share a fresh vision for a bright future to all of their staff, community and partners.

The Strategy

By communicating the need for immediate action, explaining simply and clearly the three pillars of the new strategy, simultaneously cementing the enormous sense of hope for the future.

The Brilliant Idea

The Salvation Army needed a strong, clear and highly shareable short video to explain the Divisional Renewal Strategy. Keeping the film easy to understand, digestible and memorable meant people watching it wouldn’t just absorb information, but be empowered to share and talk further with others.

The Outcome

Clean and simple iconography was imperative to help breakdown and explain the complex messaging. The design of the animation was created around shareable looping gifs that clearly explain the Divisional Renewal Strategy.

Senior Designer
Ray Velez
Jonny Higgins