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I Didn't Like Hubert

Sometimes the person you least expect can open up a world of possibilities for you!

In August 2018 we launched our interactive eBook ‘I Didn’t Like Hubert’, narrated by actor Angela Kinsey – famous for her role in the US TV series ‘The Office’. The eBook is part of an initiative to raise $30k in 30 days with 100% of this revenue donated to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to purchase a life-saving incubator for sick and premature babies.

Australian actor Gerard O’Dwyer, who has recently starred in our film ‘Shakespeare in Tokyo’, performs the voice of Hubert and he takes us through the journey of a little girl who discovers a sense of adventure after meeting Hubert, a boy who sees the world a little differently.

The Journey

The Hubert journey began 4 years prior when author, Genevieve wrote a 2-page script from the perspective of a little girl, about a boy that looked and acted differently to others. Very quickly the Taste team got excited about the story’s beautiful message of inclusion and so began the challenge to turn the script into an interactive book.

In January 2015, our team of writers, directors, producers and animators began working on the story, designing the landscapes, character sketches and development code to start to bring the world of Hubert to life.

“Such a sweet and beautiful story, my 2 boys were captivated.”


App Store Review

Key to our development was our goal to push the boundaries of the iPhone and iPad and to use this story as an opportunity to use the touchscreen, audio and gimbal as part of how users control the narrative. With this in mind, over time we expanded our team by introducing composers and development gurus who worked with us to build an interactive eBook greater than we ever anticipated.

“A beautiful story about inclusion. It will definitely pull at your heart strings.”

Antoinette O

App Store Review

When it came to casting the voices of our characters, we first approached Gerard O’Dwyer to perform Hubert, then as big fans of the US version of The Office, we approached Angela Kinsey to play the role of the narrator and she graciously accepted!

“What a stunning book. Great for the whole family. Loved reading this with my kids. Sets the pace for how we see people, treat people and open our lives to others. Fun and interactive.”


App Store Review

Best Family Mobile App 2018 Vega Digital Awards

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Art Director
Alex Bathur
Character Design and Animator
Anna Kovesi
Emilie Van Os-Schmitt
Craig Crystie
Jared Crowe
Murray Bunton
Jonny Higgins