Invisible Tree Publications

The Invisible Tree

A series of illustrated children’s books seeking to impart great values into little people

The Task

Sydney-based author Kirrily Lowe had a passion to bring a series of nine short stories to life to reach the hearts of young minds. She saw a gap in the market for simple value-based stories that were fun for parents and grandparents to read with their kids.

Kirrily’s manuscripts were beautiful, poetic stories that through the eyes of children teach little minds all about love, joy, peace, patience and goodness.

The Strategy

Our uber-talented creative, Henry, dove into this project head first to illustrate up a storm.

Henry wanted to use the book series as an opportunity to encourage children to switch off the TV, put away the iPads and engage their imaginations.

“I grew up in a house with an abundance of creativity around me. My Mum was an art teacher so she taught us how to make art with the things lying around the house – cardboard boxes, sticky tape, newspaper… she taught us how to use our imaginations!”

The Brilliant Idea

Henry wanted to create a series of illustrations that weren’t out of reach of children, instead something to inspire them to create themselves. So he decided to make the illustrations entirely out of objects you can find around the home – wrapping paper, postcards, birthday cards, writing paper, handmade paper, even old envelopes and a 1960’s lifestyle magazine.

The Outcome

The result is a series of stunning children’s books that children delight in. We have delighted in seeing the world of The Invisible Tree be adopted by people around the world. Children have created their own collages from recycled materials, parents send us photos of families loving the books, and school teachers and librarians have been creating their own giant invisible tree’s in their schools across Australia!

“The Invisible Tree books are a gorgeous series, brimming with joy and love. The collage illustrations are clever and original. Simply divine.”

Aleesah Darlison

Children’s Author and Director of Literature Live

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Invisible Tree books go towards the Compassion Child Survival Program.

Every day, 22,000 children under five die from causes that are mostly preventable; 40% of these deaths occur within the first month of life. For those who survive, the early years of life are critical as they set the foundations for a child’s future health and wellbeing.

We are thrilled to be able to support children across the globe.

Kirrily Lowe