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National Disability Services


A national competition to unearth the positive stories from the NDS community

The Task

National Disability Services (NDS) is Australia’s peak body for non-government disability service organisations. Collectively, NDS members operate several thousand supported employment services for Australians with all types of disability. In 2017 many disability service organisations were put at risk of closure due to reforms, which were not taking into consideration the transition time it would take to restructure their business models to accommodate the reforms.  

NDS needed to quickly advocate for its members and educate the government about the impact of disability service organisations in the lives of people with a disability. They needed to raise awareness about the positive impact these employment opportunities have for people with disability, their employers, customers, families as well as the wider community.

The Strategy

We knew the best way to influence government was going to be through telling the real stories of people with a disability, their families, co-workers and employers, as well as demonstrating how they have been positively impacted by disability employment services.

The Brilliant Idea

The BuyAbility Stories Campaign, with a supported public relations strategy. This campaign would run a competition to unearth the positive stories of the employees of various disability enterprises and what their job at the service meant for them.

This concept centred all around the real stories of long-term employees who have worked within supported employment for 10 – 30 years, as well as the employers themselves. Not only has their employment helped the employee to gain meaningful work, which they enjoy, but it has also built a network and family around them and been an asset to the business they work for.

We unearthed six brilliant stories, filmed them all across Australia then released the stories on social media and screened them at Parliament House at an NDS advocacy event. We also teamed up with our public relations partner to help drive media interest to further voice the political issue at hand and advocate for the businesses who would be affected.

The Outcome

The resulting film series was screened nationally to an extremely positive reception.

In addition, no NDS disability enterprises needed to shut down and no immediate reforms to their businesses were actioned, ensuring that all businesses will have the time they need to restructure and remain sustainable.

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Creative Director
Account Manager
Editor & Colourist
Jonny Higgins