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Attitude Foundation

Perspective Shift

Changing the conversation around disability

The Task

Negative attitudes around disability can often be the most disabling force that people living with disability face every day. And so the Attitude Foundation is passionately working to shift Australia’s understanding of disability.

Because of Taste’s extensive work in producing stories inclusively, the Attitude Foundation approached Taste to develop a television series to position people with disability as role models, to highlight their valuable contributions to society and shed light on barriers encountered.

The Strategy

Showcase extraordinary stories of people living with disability.

People living with disability are often portrayed through a lens of pity or a source of inspiration for just doing something ordinary. But as disability activist, the late Stella Young would say, ‘We’re not here for your inspiration.”

Our approach would be to highlight people who had done amazing things by the world’s standards. They would just happen to have a disability.

The Outcome

The result is a 3-part TV mini series called ‘Perspective Shift’ featuring 3 Australian artists, Daniel Monks, Prue Stevenson and Jana Castillo screening on SBS and SBS on Demand.

Daniel Monks

Daniel was rejected from one of Australia’s top acting schools and told there was no place for a person with a disability. Fast forward only a matter of years and he is competing for best actor at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. Daniel now performs on stage and on television around the globe.

Prue Stevenson

Prue is a visual artist, has a black belt in taekwondo and is a self-advocate for autism. She uses her artwork as an extension of herself and as a way to allow people to have fun with the unique perspectives of autism. Her work has been showcased nationally, including a live painting at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia.

Jana Castillo

In 2018, Jana received the prestigious Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer. With an extensive international dancing career, Jana is now one of the Australian Dance Theatre’s leading dancers.

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Executive Producers
Sally Browning S.P.A
Series Writer & Director
Director (Eps #1 & #3)
Director (Ep #2)
Director of Photography
Client Services
Production Coordinator
Inclusion Facilitator