The Salvation Army

The Red Shield Appeal

Celebrating The Salvos 150 years of help and lending hands

The Task

For their 150 year anniversary, The Salvation Army wanted to capture some of the history of their organisation as the basis for their 2014 Red Shield Appeal.

The Outcome

Through the use of archival footage, photographs and live action elements we created a complex, multimedia animated TVC, which takes the audience through a 150 year photographic celebration of The Salvation Army.

We shot additional characters dressed in era-appropriate attire to seamlessly blend into our curated world of historical imagery.

The resulting brand film is a tracking shot through the generations when The Salvos have been there to help from wars and natural disasters to lending a hand to the needy.

Art Director
Alex Bathur
Nicola Tegart
Animator & Editor
Sound Design
Brooke Trezise
Jonny Higgins