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Enable by Design-a-thon

Empowering real people to tell their own stories about overcoming physical & attitudinal barriers

The Task

Remarkable was seeking to work with corporate companies to host ‘Enable by Design-a-thon’ a hackathon event which sought to engage corporate employees in using design thinking and universal design theories to solve various barriers to inclusion people with a disability face due to disabling environments and inaccessibility. 

Prior to engaging the employees in innovating ideas to problem solve disabling environments and inaccessibility, Remarkable needed to show a series of engaging short films, to invite employees to empathise with a person with a disability and gain insight into the barriers to inclusion that many people with a disability face.

Ultimately we needed to create content that would open people’s minds, spur on discussion and inspire problem solving.

The Strategy

We decided to strategise the creation of content based in voicing the ‘social model’ of disability.  The social model is a point of view which sees ‘disability’ as being socially constructed, rather than the result of a person’s body. The videos would need to be short, sharp but also emotional to connect with people’s hearts as well as their minds. We also needed to break down the concept of what disabling environments are; they are not only physical but also entrenched within social attitudes, stigmas, prejudice and low expectations.

The Brilliant Idea

Let real people tell their own stories about being disabled by physical barriers as well as attitudinal barriers. We cast six people with diverse disabilities to tell us their own personal stories about times they felt disabled because of a physical environment which hadn’t taken into consideration access needs, or because of someone’s attitude, prejudice or low expectations.

“Taste is known to produce great work with a deep understanding of the disability sector , so we knew the content would be in good hands and would be produced in a way that would connect and show sensitivity to what can be a complex topic.”

Peter Horsley

Founder; Remarkable

The Outcome

Six authentic stories which give a unique perspective on what disability is, which inspired thought provoking conversation and a new understanding of how we as a a society can do  more to be inclusive and accessible.

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Writer & Director
Account Manager
Director of Photography
Editor & Colourist
Jonny Higgins