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Special Olympics Australia

The 2018 National Games Identity and Mascot

The world’s first inclusive logo with accompanying mascot

The Task

Create a standout identity and mascot for the 2018 Special Olympics National Games in South Australia.

The mission of Special Olympics Australia is to create accessible sports training, coaching and competition opportunities so that people with an intellectual disability can reach their personal best, in sport and in life.

The Games identity needed to reflect the joy of sport, the enthusiasm of Special Olympics athletes and the celebration of ability while representing the host state, South Australia.  

The Strategy

It was time to help Special Olympics Australia walk the walk. Inclusion is not something to just talk about, but to be demonstrated to the community.


The Brilliant Idea

The world’s first inclusive logo.

We came together with renowned Sydney artist and long-standing friend of Taste Creative, Digby Webster, a prolific artist living with a disability.

Known for his bold and colourful oil pastel and ink artwork, Digby is an artist living with down syndrome who has had his work showcased in an impressive number of exhibitions across the country.

The Outcome

Digby produced a series of paintings that captured the texture, colour and vibrancy of South Australia’s landscape.

“I am very excited and very happy to do this. I have never done something like this before. It is big and exciting and I loved working with Henry at Taste.”

Digby Webster


Digby was tasked in producing his take on classic South Australian scenes such as the Brighton Beach jetty, the Simpson Desert, Adelaide Hills produce, the Flinders Ranges and the Barossa Valley.

The 2018 Special Olympics National Games identity was then designed to encase his artwork in a silhouette reflecting the joy in movement.

The triumphant stance evokes imagery from many Special Olympics sports, such as athletes victorious at the finish line, slam-dunking a basketball, leaping for joy out of the pool, and an athlete’s coach and family cheering from the sidelines. The simple silhouette celebrates the joy, enthusiasm and character of the Special Olympics.

The motif also draws references to a flickering flame atop the Special Olympics torch, a nurturing hand of support as well as a love heart.

The Mascot

We were tasked to design a memorable and fun loving mascot for the games who could cheer on the athletes and build camaraderie in the community. 

Special Olympics wanted the mascot to be based on a South Australian animal, with the ability to play all of the Special Olympics accredited sports. When designing we needed consider various executions and merchandise production, including a mascot costume, plush toys, lapel pins, stickers, embroidered on clothing.

Introducing Sammy the Seal!

Based on the South Australian Long Nosed Fur Seal, we created an elegant and athletic mascot to represent the spirit of the Special Olympic games the glorious state of South Australia. Sammy is a vivacious sportswoman, who is adaptable across multiple sports poses and also works extremely well as a cuddly and loveable plush toy.

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

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Digby Webster
Emilie van Os-Schmitt
Sam Huynh