Who is Specialisterne?

Specialisterne in 30 seconds

The Task

Specialisterne does amazing work. They help organisations discover what’s missing in their talent pools to identify recruitment opportunities for people with Autism. Articulating the unique approach and many benefits of its operations thoroughly yet concisely, however, has always been a bit of a challenge.

So Specialisterne engaged Taste to distill their ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ into a compelling resource that would not only address this problem, but also advocate for people on the Autism spectrum as highly capable, uniquely skilled employees.

“We were looking for Taste’s creative input to help us bring our vision together, and we were blown away by how quickly and effectively they were able to help us meet our objectives.”

Vicky Little

Employment Services Manager

The Strategy

Thinking in terms of an online “elevator pitch”, we wanted to help Specialisterne grab the attention of its audience in less than 15 secs; a feat which requires a pretty big hook! So we capitalised on the principle of FoMO, or Fear of Missing Out, to specifically highlight what organisation’s are set to gain by employing people on the Autism Spectrum.

The Brilliant Idea

Through energetic stop-motion using handcrafted text and props on a coloured background, we demonstrated some of the existing barriers to employing autistic talent, addressing both the real and perceived challenges to help employers think differently about their hiring practices. We also listed the benefits of a neuro-diverse workforce, highlighting first the skills gap which exists in various organisations, before linking these with the extraordinary strengths demonstrated by many people with Autism: problem solving, analytical thinking, attention to detail and more.

Finally, to effectively trigger people’s FoMO we explicitly asked, ‘What are you missing out on?’

“We were so impressed with the Taste team’s capacity to turn our ideas into succinct, clear and snappy chapters that captured our organisational values whilst highlighting the key messages clearly.”

Vicky Little

Employment Services Manager

To maximise the video, we wrote a script that could be chaptered into five separate resources, giving Specialisterne six-for-one for their investment. Individually, each chapter explores an element of Specialisterne’s approach, which, when played together, reveals the full Specialisterne story!

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