Digital Annuals

Good communications for a company that does nothing but good

The Task

The Australian based social enterprise Thankyou do some pretty amazing things to make the world a better place by committing 100% of the profit from their products to helping people in need.

With such community involvement, it is imperative that Thankyou continue to clearly communicate back to their community to keep them up to speed with all that is happening in the world of Thankyou.

The Brilliant Idea

So we jumped in to help them out by building an interactive report to inform and celebrate their year’s progress.

The Outcome

With the majority of Thankyou’s target audience spending a large portion of their day online, we built an interactive report housed online and tailored for mobile use.

Quick facts, stories and insights gave their community a convenient, informative and fun way to interact with Thankyou.

And we reckon it’s much more interesting than a report book full of graphs and numbers!

Art Director
Alex Bathur
Emilie Van Os-Schmitt
Jared Crowe