Bible Society Australia

Their Sacrifice

Setting sail with a national tour of hope

The Task

Gallipoli has become a symbol of Australia’s national identity, but as generations pass, stories from the front line become harder to keep alive and hand down to younger generations.

Celebrate the power of hope during the past 100 years of war and conflict.

The Strategy

Bring the powerful stories from the front line to the masses by bridging a line between the sacrifice of Australians 100 years ago at war, and our freedom today.

The Brilliant Idea

Earn the attention of a Millennial generation by taking engaging, interactive stories into the places where they spend time – shopping malls.

“Taste was able to bring the entire project to life – from conception to execution – with creativity, sensitivity, and strategic thinking.”

Chris Melville

Programmes and Campaigns Manager; Bible Society Australia

The Outcome

Coinciding with 100 years celebration of Gallipoli, ‘Their Sacrifice’ unfolded 10 historical stories online through interactive animation and archival photography, with triggered sound design and social media integration. The site presented the ultimate stage to present powerful first-hand accounts of bravery and courage from the front line.

“It’s pieces like these that make us proud and inspire us to be leaders no matter what your belief is.”

Online reader

Mumbrella 2015

The campaign was activated in-store with custom built multimedia pods that toured Westfields nationally. The pods synchronised and played a 5-screen immersive production with a panoramic video and 5 point surround sound, simulating an immersive 360° experience on the battlefield.

The campaign launched with an impressive line-up of editorial including an Anzac Day feature story on ‘Sunrise’, broadcast coverage, online, print and radio.

“The result was a powerful memorial to those who served faithfully, which bridged the past to our present day.”

Chris Melville

Programmes and Campaigns Manager; Bible Society Australia

Creative Director
Account Director
Emily Simmons
Art Director
Alex Bathur
Georgie Kelsey
Anna Kovesi
Technical Director
Tim Faase
Digital Project Manager
Liam Aggett
Sound Design & Composition
Jonny Higgins