Morning Has Finally Come

A music video with the warmth of the sun

The Task

When Catherine Haridy Management needed to put the band TigerTown into the indie spotlight, she came to Taste to collaborate on a music video that would stand out from the sea of entertainment, whilst also firmly establishing the band’s unique identity in the market.

The Brilliant Idea

Limitations of time, budget and resources forced us to come up with a concept that did not rely on flashy effects or set pieces, so we developed an idea that would speak for itself.

Revolving around the idea of sunrise, we asked ourselves, “What would it look like if it was actually someone’s job to make the sun come each day?”

And so that’s exactly what we did!

The Outcome

We sourced a location in country NSW where we could capture stunning Australian landscapes, that features a picturesque hill that our sun could arise from.

The result is a music video rich in storytelling and beautiful production value that reflects the bands authentic personality.

Bronze Award NSW Australian Cinematographers Society
Director & Editor
Director of Photography, Producer & Editor
Luke Ma