Travel Safe

Turning safety into something fun

The Task

Woolworths wanted to raise awareness around the dangers of using travelators to prevent injury in vulnerable groups including the elderly and parents with young children.

It’s an easy task to put up safety signage, but to engage a shopper and have them retain information on something the consider irrelevant to their lives is a much greater challenge. It’s critical to connect however, as miscommunication can be the difference between life and death.

The Strategy

We were inspired by the importance airlines put on the safety of their passengers and emphasis they place on communicating procedures no matter how many times a passenger has flown.

The Brilliant Idea

We installed audio and visual devices throughout stores to create an experience much like that of the inflight safety demonstration and preparation for take off. Life-size branded travelator attendants welcomed shoppers in store and demonstrated best practice to travel safely.

94% increase in travelator safety awareness.

The Outcome

Results from the pilot campaign saw an increase of travelator safety related message awareness of 94%. Not only were customers able to retain individual safety messages from the campaign, 71% indicated that the signage would change the way they interacted with travelators and lifts.

“We were amazed that 98% of people surveyed were able to recall the message; surprising given the competing messages in a shopping environment! Creative and fun messages, strategically placed based on customer behavioural insights.”

Kevin Figueiredo

General Manager Group Safety, Health and Wellbeing; Woolwoths

Creative Director
Art Director
Alex Bathur
Andrew Georgiou
Gary Compton
Anna Kovesi