inclusively made
The University of NSW

Disability and a Good Life

Real stories make a real impact

The Task

Reduce barriers and stigmas around disability.

The Strategy

We set about to showcase an array of real stories to inspire action through the UNSW curriculum.

The Brilliant Idea

Empowering inclusion within society, create a video series that shares real life stories of living with a disability in order to remove barriers and negative stigmas around disability.

The Outcome

Produced with the University of NSW, ‘Disability and a Good Life’ presents thirteen films that follow a number of personal stories, giving insights into their world and highlighting the rights of people with a disability; regardless of background, beliefs or ability.

This project was made inclusively.

The production created opportunities for people living with disability to work in front of, and/or behind the camera, to help develop their experience in the professional creative industry.

Creative Director
Writer & Director
Production Assistant
Emilie van Os-Schmitt
Director of Photography
Additional Camera
Dale Bremner
Borce Damcevski
Camera Assistants
Nathan Damcevski
James Damcevski
Editor & Colourist