There is no ‘i’ in team
Taste Folk is the highly talented network of creatives who work to bring the exceptional projects at Taste to life on the big screen, the mobile screen and everything in between.


We delight in working with talented creatives all around the world. Whatever your craft, whether director, sound designer, coder, animator or even puppy wrangler, and you’d like to work on some of the amazing upcoming Taste projects, feel free to send an example of your work to:

[email protected]

Work Experience

Taste welcomes applications for work experience placements for high-school students. It’s a great way to get hands-on experience and see if a future in the creative industry gets you going!

As we can’t provide accommodation or transport to and from work, we recommend applications from local schools around Sydney. Additionally, students will need to provide insurance cover through their school’s work experience program.

To get in touch, send an email with the subject, “Work Experience” to:

[email protected]


Tertiary (or the equivelant of) Placements

We run a variety of internships for undergraduate or postgraduate students required to fulfil work experience placements as part of their course. The positions are tailored to each person’s schedule and needs to provide them with the best opportunity to kickstart their creative career.

“My time at Taste was nothing short of amazing. The exposure to projects and a ‘tasty’ agency environment helped me gain valuable industry experience that has helped me develop into a confident designer, ready to tackle whatever comes next.”

Craig Cristie

2015 Internship

Taste’s Intern program

During their tertiary studies, Taste’s founders; Henry and Genevieve, were granted opportunities to grow and develop their careers through unpaid internships. Because of this, Henry and Genevieve believe that internships are a highly valuable way to help people build capacity, develop work ethic, make important connections, gain the experience and skills required to become employable, and grow their career opportunities.

Taste’s internship program aligns with the MEAA and the Fair Work Ombudsman guidelines, and is designed to give people opportunities to develop their experience and skills.

We run internships across a variety of disciplines and always ensure the internship is tailored to the person’s schedule and needs to provide them with the opportunity to learn and benefit from the experience. Intern Grads

Internship Policy

Taste Creative offers internships to undergraduate or postgraduate students required to fulfill work experience placements as part of their course.

Positions are not paid, nor are they a job trial. Opportunities are created 100% to provide work experience and to help kick-start careers in the creative industry.

Interns are given observational and hands on opportunities to learn and develop within a creative studio that fosters all aspects of the imagination.

Internships are a maximum of 3 months part-time; the schedule is tailored around the intern’s prior commitments/study etc.

Interns are provided with a company Opal card for the duration of the internship to assist with transportation to and from the work site.

“I was given a lot of opportunity to grow. The staff and team were helpful and really supportive – I could ask a lot of questions and they were committed to helping me learn as much as possible.”

Emilie van Os-Schmitt

2014 Internship

Expected Outcomes

The internship program provides the opportunity for students to:

  • gain insights into a creative agency and the creative industry
  • gain theoretical and practical experience through observational and hands on experience
  • develop an understanding of professional work goals and practice


Internship Conditions

  • Internships are for undergraduate or postgraduate students required to fulfill work experience placements as part of their course.
  • All internship placements are unpaid, voluntary work experiences only.
  • The Intern must enter into an Agreement prior to the placement
  • The Intern is not an employee and is not covered by the Accident Compensation Act 1985 (Vic)
  • The Intern is to provide appropriate personal accident insurance and public liability insurance through their university, covering bodily injury or property damage, whilst participating in the internship.
  • The Intern is responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation throughout the duration of the placement. Taste will provide a company Opal card to assist with transportation costs.
  • The Intern will be provided with an introduction to the work area, team and be inducted in the relevant safety training procedures