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ABC Kids

Tell Me A Tale

A Taste Creative original, ABC Kids commissioned a 10 part animated series which explores wellbeing and emotional intelligence using the voices of real, Aussie kids, with animation based on their very own drawings. 

Tell Me A Tale creates a space for children from various diverse backgrounds, both with and without disability, to create content and share stories from their own lives and imaginations, dedicated to unearthing the creativity of Australian children and exploring positive character attributes.


It stimulates curiosity by taking an imaginative and entertaining story-based approach to learning, empowering its young audience with vocabulary and examples of how to use narrative to recognise and name their inner and outer feelings, and to learn what they mean.

Our group of ten young, diverse tale-makers each tell us a tale about a positive character trait that they have encountered, whether they demonstrated the trait or someone demonstrated it to them.

Commissioned and created during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the series was designed to heavily rely on involvement and collaboration with children to share their tales, but with minimal face to face interaction. 

So children were invited to illustrate their stories and we took the recording studio to their houses to record their voice overs to narrate each film. 


Thank you

Special thanks to our beautiful tale makers Anchor, Ember, Freddie, Charlie, Elijah, Max, Lily, Willow, Elijah and Hazy

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