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Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Aircraft Accident Investigation Series

At the non-controlled Caloundra airport in Queensland, a helicopter successfully joined a standard flight circuit with two other light planes. But within 4 minutes it had all unraveled.


Join our expert panel and former journalist Steve Creedy in an in-depth discussion about the collision of a light aircraft and a helicopter, discussing the details around the incident and decisions made before, during and after.

We were delighted to produce a series of engaging and highly informative panel discussions with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) about pilot safety.


The series is created to encourage broader engagement with CASA’s aviation safety messages, increase and diversify participation in the Aviation Safety Seminars and address unsafe flying behaviours and attitudes.

Thank you

Thank you to our expert panelists Steve, Michael, Melanie, Chace and Michael
and special thanks to Cathy, Eliza and Amanda for being great partners to bring this important series to life together.

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