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At Taste Creative, we strategically craft compelling stories that align with our clients' objectives. With a deep understanding of their vision, target audience, and industry landscape, we create tailored strategies for success.

We are your filmmakers for your brand

From concept to post-production, our approach ensures captivating content that connects with audiences on both an emotional and intellectual level, driving engagement and achieving business goals.


With our foundations in feature film and television production, we bring over 20 years of filmmaking experience to every organisation that we partner with to deliver exceptional results every time.


Our adaptive model of production allows us to optimise resource allocation and streamline workflow, whilst maintaining uncompromising quality. We will bring together the best team to bring your story to life.

We look forward to deeply engaging your audience through storytelling!

Henry and Genevieve

Taste Creative founders

From brand stories for P&O Cruises that bought to life their connection with Heartland Australia, to a campaign film that raised over $2.5m for Thankyou to fight extreme poverty, to a branded content series about inclusion for Australia Post that engaged 97% of their staff.

What we do

Brand Films

Communicate the heart and purpose of your organisation

Case Studies

Compelling stories of your organisation in action

Campaign Films

Delivering clear campaign messages with impact

Educational Stories

Educating through insightful and entertaining storytelling

We approach every project with a meticulous and well-defined strategic framework, ensuring our creative endeavours align seamlessly with our clients’ objectives. By thoroughly understanding our client’s vision, target audience and industry landscape we craft a tailored strategy that maximises the quality, distinctiveness and success of our productions.


From concept development and scriptwriting to casting, production and post-production, our strategic approach permeates every stage, resulting in compelling stories that captivate audiences and achieve business goals.


With a keen eye for market trends and a deep understanding of audience preferences, we consistently deliver exceptional films that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression.



Story is king. Whether it's captivating short videos that generate interest and buzz or immersive long-form productions that provide a truly engaging experience, we are driven by the creative art of crafting stories that come in various shapes and sizes.


At the heart of Taste Creative are our founders, filmmakers Henry Smith and Genevieve Clay-Smith, whose exceptional talent and unwavering dedication have garnered widespread recognition over their 20+ years of story telling experience. 


We firmly believe that exceptional work emerges from the collaboration of brilliant strategic and creative minds, who are propelled by passionate hearts. Our team strives for excellence, approaching every project with open minds, a natural curiosity and a problem-solving mindset.



The Taste business model is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing us to scale our operations to meet the unique needs of each project. With a strong foundation built over 13 years, we have assembled a team of skilled production experts. When engaged for a project, we strategically deploy these professionals based on their expertise and the project's requirements. This ensures cost and time efficiencies while guaranteeing that your project is handled by experienced professionals from start to finish.


Whether it's scaling up for larger projects or adopting a focused approach for smaller ones, we have the flexibility to efficiently adapt to any project's demands. You can trust that your project will benefit from the expertise and guidance of our capable professionals, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the successful execution of your vision.



How we do it

Getting to know you and your audience, industry, challenges & opportunities. Identifying measure for success.

Strategy & Brief

Developing and sharing viable creative directions to discuss and agree on the strongest to meet your objectives

Concept Dev

Shaping your concept into a film from scripting to storyboarding, with design examples & voice over options, from locations to casting and more to deliver a clear and tight production schedule for a successful shoot.


We meticulously plan your shoot with a hand-picked team of experts to ensure a hassle free, enjoyable and successful shoot.


Assembling your footage into the strongest and most compelling story (including picture edit, colour grade, music and sound design) with Editors who ensure your message is clear as well as entertaining and impactful.

Post Production

We are committed to ensuring the success of your project – we want to know what’s worked and what could be done to make the process &/or content even better next time.


Creative Production


Henry is an award winning film Producer and Director, working across entertainment and commercial production. He collaborates with a wide range of clients including P&O Cruises, National Geographic, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Sesame Street, ABC, Unilever and Google.


As a passionate champion of the inclusion of people living with disability in film production, he is the founder of Inclusively Made, the fast becoming global standard of inclusive filmmaking in both commercial and long-form production.

Henry is also the proud author of How to Jump Without a Parachute; A Journey to Lead with Purpose in Work and Life.

CEO & Co-founder

Henry Smith

Genevieve is a writer and director who has won over fifty awards, nationally & internationally for directing and facilitating inclusively made films. Her projects have been screened at the United Nations, various Oscar Qualifying film festivals and have been used as part of the Australian High School Curriculum. She is an advocate and international speaker on the topic of inclusion in the film industry. 


As co-founder of Bus Stop Films, Genevieve’s work has pioneered change in the film industry when it comes to authentic casting and inclusion in the filmmaking practice, evidenced in the 500 (and counting) employment and work experience placements on professional film sets for people living with intellectual disability.

Director & Co-founder

Genevieve Clay-Smith

Narelle brings over 25 years’ marketing experience to her role as General Manager at Taste Creative. She has worked both client and agency side and across a broad range of industries including travel, media, finance, FMCG, retail, government and non-profit. 


Narelle is passionate about authentic & entertaining storytelling and producing quality content that truly connects with its audience - all created through an efficient and enjoyable journey.

General Manager

Narelle Riley

The Taste Team

Our Ecosystem

Commercial film and animation production for brands

Taste Creative

Long and short-form film and animation production for family and children’s audiences

Taste Entertainment

The global standard of inclusion in film and television production

Inclusively Made

Accessible film school teaching adults with disabilities and others from marginalised communities

Bus Stop Films


Mumbrella Production Company of the Year Finalist

Telstra Business Women’s National Emerging Leader

Financial Review Top 100 Women of Influence

Optus Media and Advertising Business of the Year

Mumbrella 30 Under 30

Women’s Weekly Woman of the Future Award

B&T Women in Media Award

NSW Young Australian of the Year

Westpac and Financial Review 100 Women of

Tropfest Best Film


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Based in Sydney, Australia

Working around the globe



Inclusively Made

Taste Entertainment

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