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eSafety Commissioner

Supporting Kids Online

When the eSafety Commissioner set out to help culturally and linguistically diverse parents and carers to support the children in their care to have safer experiences online, we were more than happy to lend a hand.

The objective of the videos is to amplify awareness of eSafety and share key eSafety advice, resources, and support services for parents and carers.

Covering some of the more tricky subjects to talk about with kids, we explored how eSafety can help families talk about online safety, online gaming and how to help kids if they have been cyberbullied.

We partnered with members of culturally and linguistically diverse Australian communities to not just consult, but lend their voices to this important series.

Thank you

Thank you to Louise, Chet and Matthew for entrusting us with this important series and a special thanks to Hawantu, Mandela and Abu for lending your voices!

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