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eSafety Commissioner

Empowering Safer Online Experiences for Diverse Families. Tasked with creating a series of four animated videos, Taste Creative is working to help parents and carers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds ensure their children have safer experiences online. The videos, developed for the eSafety Commissioner, aim to amplify awareness of eSafety and provide key resources and support.

Each animation utilises the voices of diverse children and family members, enhancing accessibility and engagement for audiences with varied literacy levels. The topics covered include how eSafety can assist families, navigating popular apps, managing online gaming, and addressing cyberbullying. This project not only educates but empowers parents to actively manage and safeguard their children's online presence.

Produced by Taste Creative

Producer and Director: Henry Smith

Writer: Genevieve Clay-Smith

Animator: Suzie Golledge

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