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Genevieve Clay-Smith

Writer | Director

Genevieve is a writer and director who has won over fifty awards, nationally & internationally for directing and facilitating inclusively made films. Her projects have been screened at the United Nations, various Oscar Qualifying film festivals and have been used as part of the Australian High School Curriculum. She is an advocate and international speaker on the topic of inclusion in the film industry.

She is the co-founder of inclusive production company Taste Creative and the co-founder and former CEO of Bus Stop Films, a pioneering not for profit, which has conducted over 400 accessible film studies workshops

for people with disability in Australia. She has travelled to Japan, America and Mongolia where she had taught and delivered inclusively made projects with and alongside local filmmakers with and without disability.


In 2015 she was named the NSW Young Australian of the Year for her pioneering efforts to create a more equitable film industry. Genevieve’s work as pioneered change in the film industry when it comes to authentic casting and inclusion in the filmmaking practice, evidenced in the 500 (and counting) employment and work experience placements on professional film sets for people living with intellectual disability.

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