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Holland America Line

Bringing the Heart and Soul of Holland America Line to Life. We were tasked with creating a series of Brand Films and TVCs that would deeply resonate with Holland America Line’s Australian audience, whilst encapsulating the heart and soul of the HAL brand.

The inspiration for this campaign came from a touching letter written by a past guest, detailing unforgettable memories from their countless voyages with Holland America Line. This genuine piece of storytelling became the foundation of our narrative, centering around Roger, a devoted HAL guest. Roger’s eloquent poem, penned during his journey, served as the perfect vehicle to transport viewers into the world of Holland America Line.

Produced by Taste Creative
Writer & Director: Genevieve Clay-Smith
Producer: Henry Smith
Account Director: Narelle Riley
Cinematographer: Kent Marcus
Photographer: David Swift

Sound Recordist: Marty Demian

Editor: Kris Rowe

Composer: Jonny Higgins

Sound Designer: Andrew Miller

Colourist: Angela Cerasi

Senior Marketing Manager; Holland America Line
Hannah Baynes

Taste's mastery of storytelling and exceptional production skills have resulted in a beautifully crafted campaign. The team were consistently flexible and collaborative, making the entire experience not only successful but also thoroughly enjoyable.

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