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I Didn't Like Hubert

A Taste Creative original, ‘I Didn’t Like Hubert’ is a gorgeous animated story created to encourage children how to make extraordinary bonds with people who might be different to them.


Hubert lives outside the status quo of a grey scale world and teaches an unfriendly little girl to dream and find her own unique identity in a world of colour, imagination and magic!

The App is narrated by Angela Kinsey (The Office US) and ‘Hubert’ is played by Gerard O’Dwyer, an Australian actor with Down syndrome.

Created entirely by the Taste team, the film is a fun adventure in stunning new worlds with magical characters and story to impact the heart.

Thank you

Special thanks to Angela and Gerry who kindly offered their voices to bring this story to life, our uber-talented composer Jonny and thank you to our very supportive community who have loved this story from the beginning.

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