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Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant


The Extraordinary Film Festival

Pulcinella Film Festival

Created in partnership with Uniting (formerly Uniting Care Disability) and the NSW Art Gallery, Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant is a beautiful and compelling branded content piece that shines a light on the importance of inclusion in society, and not just for the betterment of people living with disability.

Not only a beautiful story, we designed the project from the start to walk the walk. Through the filmmaking process, authentic inclusion was our top priority. The film was cast authentically (ie only casting actors living with disability in roles where the character is portraying disability) and filmmaking students living with disability were professionally mentored through the film process. 

"My hope for the project is that everyone will see that inclusion takes all of the community. Everybody has a role to play to include people living with disability."

Helen Levingstone

Uniting; Project Director

Thank you

Thank you to the NSW Art Gallery for all of your support throughout production. And to our gorgeous cast members George and Freya, thank you for bringing such a beautiful spirit and performance to this project.

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