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Brand Film

National Disabilty Services has been a part of the disability sector in Australia since 1945 and was formed to represent the interests and voices of Australian disability service providers.

However in a rapidly evolving sector, current and future NDS members do not have clairty around the benefits and reasons to be an NDS member.

We partnered together to produce a clear and concise brand film to communicate the membership benefits of NDS to a growing audience. The disability service sector is already a complex landscape, so it is important at this time to identify what NDS does, the benefits of membership and why NDS is an important part of the disability sector. And what better way than with an ambitious one-take wonder!

Thank you

Special thanks to Belinda, Steven, Emerson, Peter, Alisa, Tailah and all of the team at NDS for coming together in the midst of a global pandemic to bring this wonderful piece to life!

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