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'Perspective Shift' Season Two - TV Series

Taste was selected to create a television series showcasing the positive contributions of people with disability in society in order to foster a more inclusive culture within Australia and around the world.

People living with disability are often portrayed in the media through a lens of pity or a source of inspiration for just doing something everyday. But as disability activist, the late Stella Young would say, “We’re not here for your inspiration.”

Our approach was to tell the stories of people with disability who had achieved amazing things by the world’s standards, and they would just happen to have a disability. The result is two seasons of the beautiful TV mini series called ‘Perspective Shift'.


Season Two features 3 amazing Australians from STEM; Jackie Leach Scully, Oliver Morten-Evans and Kenny Singh.

“Filmmaking, media and cinema are powerful forces for social change. Through the stories we tell and how we represent people, we can either perpetuate stereotypes or enlighten society.”

Greame Innes AM

Chair; Attitude Foundation

Thank you

Our sincerest gratitude to Jackie, Oliver and Kenny for entrusting us with your stories. Thanks to Graeme, Matt and the Attitude team for partnering with us to produce this powerful and important TV series.

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