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A Day on a Film Set with Bevan

We asked Bevan Garozzo about his experience working on the set of ‘Inclusion Makes the World more Vibrant’

What’s it like studying at Bus Stop Films, what things have you learned this year?

It is amazing, I love it. The teachers are really good. My dream job is to work in the film industry and one day become a film producer.

I feel very proud that I am able to do this course and look forward to every Sunday.

I feel that Bus Stop Films has opened the door to me to do something I thought I would never be able to do.

I am learning about how films are made, and how lighting and colors can change the mood. I think the word is mise en scène and involves setting, décor, performances and everything in the frame. It is very interesting and makes me take more notice of things when watching a movie.

What’s been your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is learning about the history of filmmaking. I would like to make a Martial Arts movie one day. I also like learning about lighting, props, colours, and how they are used to help tell the story.

Did you enjoy working on the set of Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant?

Yes, I did like working on the set of Inclusion makes the world more Vibrant.

It made me feel part of the team and important, like I had a part in the production. I took my job very seriously. I was able to see what is involved in the setting up and filming, and was able to watch the camera team and film director in action.

What roles did you perform?

I was the camera assistant and operated the clapperboard. They even used me as a double to get some head shots. I was also able to help by doing little odd jobs.

I loved how nice everyone was to me. I was part of their team and world for the day.

The experience has made me even more determined to continue my studies and follow my dream.

What’s one of the most important things to remember when you’re on a film set?

You need to be quiet on set and follow instructions, so you need to listen.

Finally, would you recommend people watch our short film?

Yes, I would recommend people watch our short film! Inclusion is very important, especially for people with disability. I know I want to be included and have opportunities offered to me so I can take part in life.

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