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Chapter One launch takes off

A secret campaign we made with social enterprise Thankyou launched last night at the Chapter One gala in Melbourne.

Introducing Chapter One, a book about the Thankyou journey so far. To inspire you to make your own dreams and ideas a reality, while also empowering you to crowdfund the future of Thankyou by ‘paying what you want’ for your copy of this book. 100% of the profits from Chapter One will fund Thankyou’s future and goal to end global poverty.

The campaign is spreading quickly online and gathering great media attention.

A Thankyou & Taste Creative Collaboration, what an honour it was for us to bring this 7.5min 1 take wonder to life!

Henry Smith

Henry is one of those rare creative types who can switch from creativity and ideation to logistics and screen business with the elegance of those fancy quick costume change acts. He is also the co-founder of Taste Creative.

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