Ernst & Young

Diversity & Inclusion

Behaviour changes from the top down.

To align with their 2020 Vision, the multinational professional services organisation, EY needed to communicate the corporate vision and purpose for diversity and inclusion. A simple and powerful video was required to engage employees, their professional services market and the EY client base to prove why being diverse and inclusive in all areas is good for business, and the world.

A fine line between head and heart, the short animation inspires and empower viewers to take action and align behaviour, whilst incorporating necessary facts and figures to illuminate the need.

The objective of this ‘explanimation’ is to show the importance and integral positioning of diversity and inclusion within EY’s driving tagline, ‘building a better working world’.

5 stick figures stand above the words 'smart working individuals together'
Text: 3rd: talk to someone else'
A stick figure woman speaks to a stick figure wheelchair user
4 diverse stick figure characters stand atop the words 'Solve problems better & perform more effectively than homogenous teams'
The EY logo: EY with a yellow beam atop with the words 'Building a better working world' below