Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Shakespeare in Tokyo

Viewed over 700,000 times in 30 days
Winner: Audience Choice; Stellar Film Festival

We were tasked with creating a piece of branded content which would be used to promote the city of Tokyo as a tourist destination to the world in the lead up to the 2020 Olympic Games.

Driven by our conviction for inclusion and diversity in the stories that we tell, we set out to make Japan’s first ever inclusive film. We decided we wanted people to engage in an exploration of Japan through the eyes of a person with Down syndrome. We also brought on board our sister company, Bus Stop Films, to tailor a short inclusive film course for a Japanese audience, and partnered with the Japan Down Syndrome Society to identify six people with Down syndrome who we mentored during production of the film in Tokyo.

The resulting short film, ‘Shakespeare in Tokyo’ has been screened at over twenty film festivals, been seen by over 700,000 people around the world and the public relations campaign around the film promoted the need for more inclusion in Japanese culture.

“Shakespeare in Tokyo is a truly wonderful film. I could have spent hours in this world, with these characters. It is beautifully written and directed, very well acted, and shot and edited with elegance. This is hopeful and humanistic work of art made with love and attention to detail.”

Luke Buckmaster

The Guardian Australia

A still from Shakespeare in Tokyo of a man standing in Shibuya
A still from Shakespeare in Tokyo of a man smiling
A still from Shakespeare in Tokyo of four people taking a selfie on a ferry
A still from Shakespeare in Tokyo of a woman in a park