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The Salvation Army

Red Shield Appeal

Most Australians will be very familiar with the Salvo's Red Shield Appeal; a staple campaign each year to raise much needed funds for the great work of The Salvation Army.

When The Salvos asked us to bring to life their signature campaign, we wanted to dig in and create something very special. We settled on an approach to convey the many eras that the Salvos have been alongside and supporting Australians through, from multiple wars and many natural disasters to today.

The Salvation Army has a strong history in Australia from when a tradie stood on the back of a cart in 1880 and shouted, "if there's a man here who hasn't had a meal today, let him come home to tea with me."

We dove deep into the Salvos' extensive archival library to uncover a plethora of amazing photography and film which we built into the campaign itself. With a black and white to colour nod to the evolution of film and television, each era was designed and fabricated complete with historically accurate uniforms and equipment.

Thank you

Thank you Michelle, John, Kirrilee and all of the Salvos team for partnering with us to bring this beautiful campaign to life.

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