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Special Olympics

2018 National Games Logo and Identity

Our task was to create a stand-out identity for the 2018 Special Olympics National Games in South Australia.


The mission of Special Olympics Australia is to create accessible sports training, coaching and competition opportunities so that people with an intellectual disability can reach their personal best, in sport and in life.The Games identity needed to reflect the joy of sport, the enthusiasm of Special Olympics athletes and the celebration of ability while also representing the host state, South Australia.It was time to help Special Olympics Australia walk the walk. Inclusion is not something to just talk about, but to be demonstrated to the community.


Introducing… the world’s first inclusive logo.

We came together with renowned Sydney artist and long-standing friend of Taste Creative, Digby Webster. A prolific artist living with a disability.The Outcome Digby produced a series of paintings that captured the texture, colour and vibrancy of South Australia’s landscape.


The 2018 Special Olympics National Games identity was then designed to encase his artwork in a silhouette reflecting the joy in movement. The triumphant stance evokes imagery from many Special Olympics sports as well as an athlete’s coach and family cheering from the sidelines. The simple silhouette celebrates the joy, enthusiasm and character of the Special Olympics.

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