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Spectrum Support

Global Voluntary Disclosure Project

Spectrum Support exists to empower people living with or caring for a loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorder with wearable devices they developed to allow disabled and vulnerable people to share data with first responders.

The Global Voluntary Disclosure Project (GVDP) is a technology platform that gives first responders access to information about vulnerable or disabled people to decrease the risk of them being injured.

Working through four pillars, Spectrum Support stands alongside the Autism community through safety, health, eduction and inclusion.


We were honoured to produce 4 explainer videos for the GVDP first responders app, targeted at individuals, parent/guardians, first responders and enterprises..

“Choosing Taste to convey our message was an easy and clear choice. As Australia’s leading inclusive film makers, they deliver an authentic view of the communities we support and represent. Working with the team was fun, creative and professional. We believe the results speak for themselves."

Kathrine Peereboom

Spectrum Support Director

Thank you

Thank you to Abria, Damien, Chad, Nadene and Heaven our fabulous cast,
Jackson and Ronan our inclusion mentees and to Kat and Stephen for creating such an important product for everyone to use around the world.

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