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Surf Life Saving NSW

Taking Back the Waves


Cannes Entr’2 Marches

Human Rights Arts Film Festival

Surf Life Saving NSW (SLS NSW) wanted to create a project to highlight the barriers that people with disability experience within and around coastal precincts, showcase some of their initiatives, demonstrate examples of inclusive practice, systems and attitudes within coastal communities and express the hopes and aspirations of people with disability in relation to their experience of coastal environments and communities.


The Nevada

Film Festival


Heart of Gold

Film Festival

Our approach to this beautiful piece of branded content was to utilise the power of storytelling to effectively engage with broad audiences, local government, local disability organisations as well as local SLSNSW communities.

“Taking Back the Waves is a truly inspirational insight into how creating an inclusive coastal environment can be life affirming for people with disability.”

Donna Wishart

Media & Communications Manager; Surf Life Saving NSW

Thank you

Our thanks to Paul and Donna for pushing hard to bringing this project to life, and to all of the beautiful participants who allowed us to share a glimpse into their worlds.

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