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Australia Post Real Stories Project

How does Australia’s largest postal service raise inclusion awareness to over 30,000 staff spread out across every corner of the country? We created the short film ‘Work Mate’ and the six-part comedy web series ‘Under the Sun’ inspired by real staff stories. And to showcase Australia Post’s genuine passion for inclusion, 14 film students with an intellectual disability were mentored on set during production.

The web series went on to broadcast on ABC iView and Qantas inflight, as well as receiving international acclaim at the Cleveland International Film Festival, South Dakota Film Festival, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Kansas City Film Festival and the Fargo Film Festival.

After engaging with the campaign, 80% of the Australia Post workforce now feel more confident to employ a person with a disability, and 97% have engaged in discussion with staff about inclusion in the workplace. 

Produced by Taste Creative

Writer and Director: Genevieve Clay-Smith

Producers: Briana Miller & Henry Smith

Head of Diversity & Inclusion Australia Post
Lauren Jauncey

The Taste team has an amazing ability to produce engaging and meaningful content that helps to drive true culture change.

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