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International Day of People with Disability

International Day for People with Disability is a very special landmark where we celebrate disability with the aim to increase global awareness by shinning a light on a sometimes avoided subject.

Disability is the largest minority in the world that anyone can join, at anytime. So in celebration of International Day of People with Disability, five Telstra employees came together to have an honest conversation about disability.

For Telstra, inclusion isn’t just a talking point or a tick box. That’s why they were 100% supportive of our Inclusively Made production approach and absolutely thrilled that behind the scenes of their campaign we mentored 9 adults living with disability to work on the crew.

An inclusive future is a bright future.

Beautiful and thought provoking are the three words echoed internally within our business and across socials regarding this video.
Taste nailed the tricky balance of keeping it bold while respecting the hearts and minds of those involved. So inclusive!

Ben Pintos-Oliver

General Manager Digital Systems and Accessibility; Telstra

Thank you

A special thank you to Ben, Sean, Chris, Bella and Richard for your incredible vulnerability to share your stories and experiences that will impact many. And to Heather, Nathan Ryan, Savannah, Joseph, Tyler, Jordan, Conor and Chloe our amazing film mentees.

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