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Australian Volunteers International Volunteers Day

But how do volunteers work internationally through a global pandemic? Great challenge produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. To celebrate International Volunteers Day, we were excited to focus on three important themes; Purpose, Togetherness and Joy.

The strength of human spirit found in Australian volunteers is amazing without a pandemic, so to see the lengths that volunteers have gone to to be able to stay connected and stay engaged with their partner organisations around the world is nothing short of amazing.

Produced by Taste Creative

Writer, Director and Producer Henry Smith

Public Diplomacy Manager; Australian Volunteers International
Melanie Wilson

I’ve worked closely with Taste for more than 6 years. Taste helped us develop our approach to storytelling and sharing the unique experience of our program participants.


I’ve highly valued Henry’s advice and insights into unique communications challenges, especially as we all found ourselves in an unprecedented and complex environment throughout the pandemic

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