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Thankyou Chapter One

A film to help raise $1.2M in 30 days. To compel audiences to share the message and buy Thankyou’s pay-what-you-want book, we produced a monumental 7.5 min continuous one-take video starring Thankyou MD, Daniel Flynn. The adventurous undertaking of the video’s production itself helps to sell the scale of Thankyou’s mission and vision.

The launch saw Thankyou raise $500,000 in the first 7 days alone, and then go on to reach 120% of their $1.2 million target within 30 days. Since launching, the book has gone on to be a number one best seller in Australia, selling over 100,000 copies and raised over $2.5M.

Produced by Taste Creative and Thankyou

Writer: Daniel Flynn and Henry Smith

Director: Henry Smith

Executive Producer: Sarah Prescott

Producer: Briana Miller and Henry Smith

Steadicam: Andrew 'AJ' Johnson

Co-founder & MD; Thankyou
Daniel Flynn

Engagement is connecting with people’s core values; awakening them so they want to actually do something.

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